Résultat de recherche d'images pour "laptops, books and pens"Thank you for your interest in International University Demonstration school. Our academic and non-academic programs continue to meet highest international benchmarks, and we are proud to say you have made the right choice. You are invited to join us and be part of a diverse and enriched educational community. We do hope that you find our website informative enough and easy to navigate as you explore our various offers.

While our website offers first point of contact with our school, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to visit us or contact our admissions office at This will avail you the opportunity to get answers to all your quetions on how our programs meet with the educational needs of your family.

IUDS has a rolling admissions policy which means students may enrol at any time during the school year. Redardless of sex, race, nationality and ethical origin, IUDS accords students with equal rights and priviledges in all programs and activities of the school. 

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