Our US System Pre K - 12 continues to meet the highest international benchmarks. Acknowledging families demand for whole-child centered education, we have gone a step further, for maximum impacts. Every of our students receives individual attention, and learns by doing. This section is categorized into four broad schools:

Preschool: Pre - Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Lower Schools: Grades 1 to Grade 5

Middle School: Grades 6 to Grade 8

High School: Grades 9 to Grade 12                    

Kindly explore our exciting offers in each of these four schools, and take that right step by joining our multicultural and dynamic academic community. Our 2019-2020 Tuition Fee Structure is flexible and offers discounts for both one-off payments and enrollments of two or more siblings.

Another interesting aspect of our offer is that IUDS is not a bilingual school, but a 100% Pre kindergarten to High School Graduation English School with the best practices of American model of education, and another 100% Preschool to Primary Section that follows the best practices of French model of education (Systeme Francais). Both sections are delivered by native teachers with sound educational qualifications and experience. Amazingly, by the time of their graduation, all our students attain full command of both English and French languages.


International University Demonstration School.

06 BP 2556 ABIDJAN 06.
Cocody, Riviera-Bonoumin, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
1km from Abidjan mall/2.6km from CNPS Angré, Not far from St Joseph catholic church

Tel: +225 22 49 70 90 / 88 57 10 72 / 04 48 72 44
Email: admin@iudschool.com