An Inspired Approach to Education

The complexities of today’s globalized world demands a shift from the status-quo in educating the young ones. It is indeed, an ever-changing world where there are no limits to their interactions. Acknowledging this harsh reality, IUDSschool embraced academic programs. We redefined teacher qualification, teaching- learning process, and where to lean.

Teacher Qualification

For us, qualification to teach at IUDSchool goes beyond academic attainment. We look for teachers with “sound academic qualification +” This “plus” is what differentiates teaching at IUDSchool. We bring in those with excellent knowledge of student engagement strategies, who will, professionally and joyfully, maintain good rapport with students and establish the joy of learning.

Teaching – Learning Process

Teaching to the test is far from being our priority. We work hard to ensure our students are not caged. They are part of the learning process. They are greatly empowered through this participation in the thought process. Naturally challenging, they come for learning sessions prepared. We examine learning targets and celebrate milestones together. It is not the teachers’ world, but the collective wisdom obtained through critical thinking that prevails. What a wonderful way building great future leaders. 

Where to Learn

Using a large collection of platforms, we set free the creative individuality of our students. Academic goals are realized with ease as the students draw from non-classroom activities. From our music and dance sessions, exciting art performances, talk shows, sporting activities, to leisure outings and corporate visitations, we take learning beyond the classrooms.

  • Learning program with after-school
  • Opportunities to scientific experiments
  • Positive learning environment
  • Individual attention in small classes
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