Lycée Américain

IUDSchool Abidjan continues to meet the educational needs of families desiring the bests of American High school program. Abidjan is host to many international organizations. Thanks to IUDSchool, families, local and international, are now able to give their children the same standard of education, obtainable in the United States, here in Abidjan. The cost saving is invaluable.

High school in the United States is the final stage of secondary education, with students mostly within the range of 14 to 18 years. It consists of:


Grade 9: Freshman

Grade 10: Sophomore

Grade 11: Junior year, and

Grade 12: Senior year

Partnering with the University of Nebraska high school, and maintaining a blend of certified international and local teachers, IUSchool prides itself of a balanced and unbeatable faculty. Competentia ET Excellentia, as the motto, is manifested in all curricular and extra-curricular activities. A prestigious university preparatory school, and the only demonstration school in Abidjan, learning is fun and interactive, with students learning by doing.    


High school students at IUDSchool accumulate a total of 200 credit units to graduate. Upon completing their courses, they join their mates in the United States for the graduation ceremony and award of an Accredited American High School Diploma.


IUDSchool graduates have matriculated into the most prestigious schools in the United States. Whether or not a partner college/university is chosen, and in any choice country, graduates benefit from the university progression supports.    


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