Student Support

Traditionally, excelling in a multicultural environment comes with excitements and challenges. We support our students through carefully designed programs.

Student Welfare

We maintain an enviable community where every student is cared for. Both the Administration and Faculty work with each student, offering relevant advice to ensure the best school experiecne prevails. Our students feel secured, welcomed and are encourage to maximize their full potentials.

Learning Support

Upon either a recommendation from your child’s teacher, your registration or a voluntary participation from your child, we offer: in-class linguistic and academic support, customized homework assistance, and tutoring. Through our customized study guide, our students become attached to schooling, and exceeds expectation in meeting learning standards.


This is a key area of our Parents, Professionals and Partners Collaboration. From Pre-K to High School, our students learn to take responsibility for their academic success and personal growth. They learn to be themselves and emotionally balanced.

  • Learning program with after-school
  • Opportunities to scientific experiments
  • Positive learning environment
  • Individual attention in small classes
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