Grade 1
Learning through play is also applicable to our lower school grades. The excitement and joy of learning established in preschool is built upon.
Grade 9
As is the case in pre-school, lower school, and middle school programs, new students can be enrolled into each of the grades in the high school. The special language support program offered to such students enables them to be adequately
Grade 10
We maintain an ideal environment for high schoolers to confidently realize their individual goals. Our balanced total learning environment optimizes their ability to learn.
Grade 11
Real-world connection is an integral part of our high school program. We explore the world perspective through a range of in-campus events and reach out to the world using exciting outdoor events .
Grade 12
These final grades (9 – 12) are highly strategic. Future directions are clearer and each student is, individually, supported as they strive to maintain track with their after IUDSchool realities.
Grade 6
Grades 6, 7 and 8, considered bridging grades, are very special at IUDSchool. With small class sizes, each student is accorded individual attention to better understand and articulate their uniqueness.
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