Grade 7
To effectively address the challenges associated with their age bracket, fun and innovative ways of learning are integrated in their program.
Grade 8
Need based language assistance is maintained for non-anglophone students to enhance their native command of English.
Grade 2
The students receive active language and academic support as they advance in the reading and writing world.
For us, this represents a welcoming step for the academic world. We create the desire for your child to come to school and learn. The individual trust and attention given to children builds confidence and facilitates their socialization in the
Grade 3
A wide range of resources are readily available for students. These, age-appropriate, resources make the classrooms lively.
Kindergarten 1
We at IUDSchool understand that learning at this level goes hand-in-hand with play. So, the classrooms are richly resourced. Through literature, music, art, and other manupulatives that encourage independent exploration, fine motor development is enhanced.
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